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Live up to Shaohua's mission and be grateful for the courage to move forward

"Innovation, enterprising, teamwork, dedication, and efficiency" is the corporate spirit that Xinyatai has always adhered to. Among them, the team occupies the C position. Teamwork is the core of the corporate culture. Only by unity can it be profitable; there is no perfection. Individuals, only a perfect team, coordinate and develop together.

The whole country observes silence, pays tribute to the heroes, and cherishes the memory of the dead!

Affected by the COVID-19 virus, the Tomb-Sweepingfestival of this year will be different as usual. We cannot forget the martyrswho sacrificed their lives in the field of epidemic prevention and control.Wecannot forget the compatriots who lost their lives. The city you protected andloved will always remember you.

Isolate the virus, but cannot isolate the love of Chinese children!

2020,This is a year that sounds very romantic But we were caught off guard when it started Sudden outbreaks, gloomy weather, viral outbreaks, people's overwhelming

Hardcore help! Xinyatai escorted meals for the Fangcang shelter hospital!

Xinyatai Group is a big family with great love and a company that is brave to take responsibility.When society needs it, when the country needs it, we are never absent.In the face of the epidemic, we actively responded to the government's call and made every effort to provide meals for the medical staff of Wuhan Fangcang shelter hospital.

Should I drink the first glass of water in a disposable paper cup?

Should I drink the first glass of water in a disposable paper cup?The truth: This is a "small suggestion" about disposable paper cups circulated on Weibo recently. This suggestion has the following main points:

Look for environmental standards, how to buy environmentally friendly paper products

A few days ago, the Hubei Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau announced the results of the province's edible paper packaging and paper container supervision and random inspection in 2016, showing that the pass rate of paper bowls is the lowest, only 75%. A reporter from "China Consumer News" combed through the quality inspection results of edible paper packaging and paper containers by quality supervision departments at all levels across the country in recent years and found that the unqualified problems of such products mainly focus on hygiene and performance indicators, and there is a certain degree of safety. Hidden dangers.

Enterprise development, environmental protection first! Shanghai Lvshun Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. defends the green home!

Shanghai Lushun Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of paper corner protection production lines. It has an experienced R&D and design team. Through years of continuous practice and innovation, it has accumulated a lot of relevant experience. It is one of the earliest domestic manufacturers. A professional manufacturer of corner protection, paper honeycomb, and composite corrugated board equipment.

As costs have soared and profits have shrunk, paper companies have collectively pushed up paper prices!

"I received a price adjustment letter from Shanying International on the 10th, starting on the 11th to increase the price by 100 yuan per ton." Jinan Kanghui Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kanghui Paper") deputy general manager Zhang Qianqian told the Economic Herald reporter.

After the Spring Festival, the central government issued an order to once again set off four major environmental protection storms across the country!

Some time ago, Li Ganjie, Minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, clearly emphasized that a new round of central environmental inspection work will be launched this year, and the relevant departments of the State Council and central enterprises will be included in the scope of inspection for a period of 4 years.

The price of cardboard and cartons in a large number of secondary factories increased by 5%

Paper prices are rising more and more fiercely: the increase is getting bigger and bigger, the price increase area is wider and more and more paper types are involved, and some paper mills have even announced their price increase plans in March. This situation not only caught downstream companies by surprise, but also put greater pressure on their production and operations.

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