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Company strength

Company strength

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Company strength
Wuhan Xinyatai Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group. Its business covers the import and export of self-operated and agency products and technologies such as food packaging containers and medical protective equipment. The company has obtained a number of operating qualifications and authoritative certifications. Relying on years of honest management, Xinyatai has always maintained a good reputation in the customs, commerce, industry and commerce, taxation, foreign exchange and other competent departments, as well as many financial institutions at home and abroad. During the epidemic, while China achieved major phased results of the domestic war and epidemic, many countries around the world generally experienced shortages of medical supplies. In order to fully demonstrate the strength of Chinese enterprises, Xinyatai actively exported medical masks, medical gloves, and medical protection to many overseas countries. Urgently in need of medical supplies such as medical services, Chinese companies have given full play to the mainstay role of Chinese companies in the global supply chain in the process of the international war.
Wuhan Xinyatai Group has passed ISO9001 (quality management system), ISO14001 (environmental management system certification system), ISO18001 (occupational health and safety management system) and other domestic authoritative system certifications, and has also passed a series of internationally recognized certification standards , Such as FSC, SGS, BRC, FDA, CE and other authoritative certifications. Strong technical force, excellent product quality, good reputation and industry reputation make the company develop with each passing day.
Wuhan Xinyatai Group adheres to the corporate mission of "spreading the concept of health, creating environmentally friendly products, and striving to improve the quality of human life", with capital as the link, technology as the support, and market as the carrier, giving full play to brand advantages, technical advantages, and talent advantages , To focus on the quality of life of all mankind as the driving force for the progress of the enterprise, and to promote the quality of life and living standards of all mankind as the fundamental responsibility of the enterprise. Today, when opportunities and challenges coexist, Xinyatai is moving towards "Being the Xinyatai of China and the Xinyatai of the world"!

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